Why Members Join the MSEA

The goals and objectives of the Mississippi State Equine Association are unique and differ from goals and purposes of other equine organizations in the State of Mississippi. MSEA is designed and created to assemble a statewide network of members, who strive to improve the quality of life for all Mississippi equine and the horsemen and horsewomen who use them for work, show and pleasure. MSEA works with like-minded members who understand their breed of choice may not share the same equine heritage of animals preferred by other MSEA partners.

MSEA has specific promotion goals that include promoting the events and services of other equine organizations, sponsoring an animal science or veterinarian scholarship at MSU, contributing to deserving under-privileged groups, and helping protect the investment of horse, mule and pony owners through education and information dissemination. MSEA will work with the American Horse Council in Washington, D.C., Mississippi colleges and universities, Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, Mississippi economic development entities, county boards of supervisors and Mississippi horsemen seeking knowledge, success and enjoyment in their routine activity, business or sport.

Membership Fees

Membership card; equine-related legislative updates; trails, land-use reports; access to WWW.MSSADDLEUP.ORG and free (one month) classified ad to sell horse(s) or horse property (limited to 20 members per month); eligible for MSEA Board after one year; other benefits as may be designated by the Board from time to time.

With up to five (5) membership cards

(Breeders, trainers, farriers, veterinarians, feed and supply stores, etc).
A free business listing on the website; advertising opportunities.

(Breed, sport and riding clubs)
MSEA will help promote your events and shows.

(Business or organization with 20 or more employees).
Features your billboard advertisement on our website home page for one year (visit the texashorsecouncil.com for appearance); plus an opportuniy to co-sponsor selective MSEA events and services. You can direct link your site to mssaddleup.org for an additional $100.

(For those who recognize the need for a viable organization such as the MSEA, and simply want to help).